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With years of experience under our belts and a wellspring of digital knowledge at our fingertips, we aren’t just particular – we are dedicated virtuosos. We don’t merely meet expectations, we exceed them. We deliver, and we do it with flair.

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Who we are

a small business with big business experience.

We’re a band of digital savants, harmonizing our skills to craft digital narratives that drive businesses into the future. Our leaders are not merely spectators but active participants in every project, collaborating directly with clients, irrespective of project magnitude.

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We’re on a simple mission


Our guiding principle is to render exemplary service, bolstered by an unwavering dedication to creativity and technological advancements, and, crucially, our talented personnel. This is the fuel that powers our motivation to show up and shine every single day.

Our commitment to all

showcase your business showcase your business showcase your business showcase your business showcase your business
provide excellent customer experience provide excellent customer experience provide excellent customer experience provide excellent customer experience provide excellent customer experience
make your day at work better make your day at work better make your day at work better make your day at work better make your day at work better

Meet the team

Meet the team

We value the equilibrium between professional and personal life. While we’re passionate and serious about our work, we never forget to have a bit of fun. We’re lifelong learners, receptive to fresh perspectives, constructive criticism, and are steadfast in our commitment to fostering growth for ourselves and our teams.

Join the team

Shane Mechelke

Principal Co-Owner

In the bustling crossroads where technology meets creativity, resides a digital friend whose expertise has been honed through years of diverse experiences. Shane, a seasoned digital expert, has been the driving force behind numerous successful digital strategies. Through Shane’s unique ability to integrate creative vision with technological savvy, he not only shaped brands but also redefined digital excellence.

Angela Cavalier

Principal Co-Owner

Angela possesses a unique ability to adapt effortlessly to diverse situations and lead teams of all types, including creatives. She has a natural talent for effective communication and providing clear directions, ensuring that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. Beyond her skills and capabilities, Angela has a remarkable gift for creating a relaxed and inclusive team environment. With Angela on board, success becomes not only achievable but enjoyable.

Taylor Gremmels

Project Manager

Taylor is a very effective PM, with a primary role of overseeing the daily management of projects, providing support to both internal and external teams, nurturing client relationships, and producing digital content. As a Certified Professional Project Manager (CPPM), Taylor takes pride in their keen attention to detail and excels at forging new connections.


Lead Developer

Hiro is a highly experienced Front-End Web Developer who excels in problem solving, possesses meticulous attention to detail, and possesses a strong command of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JavaScript frameworks. With expertise in responsive design/development and CMS implementation, Hiro has successfully tackled challenging projects for renowned brands, consistently delivering remarkable outcomes.


Frontend Developer

Adam is a creative and passionate web developer who thrives on learning new techniques and crafting unique digital experiences. Beyond his technical expertise, Adam’s creative pursuits extend to photography and illustration, showcasing his artistic flair and versatility. With a passion for continuous learning and a love for all things creative, Adam brings a fresh and dynamic approach to every project he undertakes.

Network of Specialists

Digital Advocate

We have a vast network of digital experts readily available at our fingertips, prepared to jump into any project at a moment’s notice. With their diverse skill sets and expertise, they are poised to collaborate and create an exceptional experience. Whether it’s web development, design, marketing, or any other digital domain, our network ensures access to top-notch professionals who can deliver outstanding results.

See our work

While a significant portion of our work remains discreet and exclusive, showcasing our expertise in behind-the-scenes and proprietary projects, we do have a selection of remarkable ventures that we can proudly share. Reach out to us, and we’ll be delighted to engage in a conversation where we can discuss the full range of our exceptional capabilities.

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